What do you feel like when you wake up? Do you feel lazy, irritated, energetic, peaceful, refreshed? If it's anything other than peace or calm, you are in trouble, my friend. Not the one that you see merely with your eyes. But an internal one, something deep, maybe about your sleep, about your routine, about your soul strength, about your state of mind.

Calmness is the cradle of power, quoted Josiah Gilbert Holland. It's the quality of being without worry. It's the very thing that brings you admirers, lets your ideas float, and sets up logic. Wondering what I am trying to say! Calmness is the state of mind where your super-conscious self works most effectively. It is the most powerful state of being.

You probably already knew what's keeping your calm away from you. Here it is in words. You sleep with your gadgets near you, you don't meditate, you over-work sometimes, you overthink about the future, you have too much or too less of qualities/habits, you hit the snooze button over and over, you are in constant need of approval from someone, you are easily irritated/annoyed. Well, the list goes on.

For change to come, do what you don't! Follow a routine, align your sleep cycle with nature, take out time for self-introspection and meditation, listen to music, light a candle, stretch, drink lots of water, have a nice evening time, paint, show gratitude, discover a hobby, live moment by moment, don't hush!

I'd ask you to trust me on this, but hey. I'd rather let you decide for yourself!

Through Vaishali's Atelier, we are trying to build a Calmosphere with the products, graphics, and services. We strive for our unique value proposition by integrating traditional methods with a contemporary touch and calming mood.

Vaishali's Atelier- Creating Calmosphere


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